May 8, 2017

White Dog stepped between me and YoYoMa just as Dr. Julia was saying into the phone, "YoYoMa's hemocrit numbers are a little low. Before I tell you the number, take you hand away from the poor boy's mouth. His gums are FINE!"

She knows me too well. So does White Dog.

Although at 34, his number is just slightly under the low end of the normal range we are being cautious and have added a small steroid dose (prednisone) to his daily regimen that is down to just that and cyclosporine. His white blood count is fine.

Of course, Yo cannot go another two weeks between blood checks; he must go back next Monday. In the meantime, Dr. Julia has instructed White Dog to help me keep my "overprotective momma tendencies in check."

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Random Felines said...

step away from the Yo :)