June 16, 2017

White Dog was not happy that Steve had to leave extra early for work and that he had to drive all of the way to Santa Fe. She thought he was fooling her when he came out from dressing wearing shorts and a t-shirt. "Since when do you go to work like that?" she asked.

Steve and his office were driving up to Santa Fe to participate in the local AIA Canstruction Competition...the local version of an international competition to use cans of food in an original construction that exemplified the theme: "We can be heroes. Who or what is a hero to you?"

The architects in Steve's firm designed a concept that used 6000 cans of food...food that will be donated to the local Food Depot for the hungry. They were competing against six other teams.

The White Dog Army and I watched the progress all day as Steve and his coworkers posted photos. At 3 pm, the WDA whooped as Steve sent us this photo, and the message, "finished!"
His group, with their interpretation:"Education is our hero because it can save the world. From war. From Poverty. From Hunger." Already has won the prize for using the most cans of food. There is judging for people's choice, and by the AIA committee. Then the entrants participate at the international level.

White Dog and the Army were waiting at the door for Steve. "Dad! The globe is amazing. We are all so proud of you!" When Steve told them over 30,000 cans of food would be donated as a result of the competition, WD picked up the phone.

"No cooking for you, tonight! You are a hero. How about barbecue chicken and brisket to celebrate?" She handed me the cordless device. "And don't forget the blueberry cobbler," she added. "It is dad's favorite."


24 Paws of Love said...

That creation is awesome! Great job Steve!!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow! That is SO cool! We, too, are super proud of Dad Steve!