June 17, 2017

White Dog wanted to go to the eWaste Recycling Event but it was too darn hot. I expected a stubborn argument but news that we would be outdoors and that the temperature was over one hundred degrees had her rethinking. Steve's argument that all should stay home in the cool as he handed out treats about 90% did the trick. What finally pushed her over to the sane reasonable decision to stay home was the promise that tonight's dinner would cold noshes that we could all share.

It was sweltering, even under the shade canopy, but the event went well. On the way home we stopped at the grocery (blissfully cold inside) and chose a selection of cheeses, a roast chicken, some eel unagi, a cucumber, cherry tomatoes and nectarines. As I got into line, Steve went to the freezer section to grab vanilla ice cream and wafer cookies.

White Dog followed Steve right into the kitchen to inspect the dinner fixings. She was joined by the rest of the Army who wagged over the chicken, surged forward to see the brie, the sheep's milk bleu, and the gouda wedges. Zsofia tried to lick the carton of ice cream as Steve put it in the freezer. "After dessert, my girl," he scolded.

In addition, the pet store who hosted the recycling sent home a gift bag in celebration of the store's seventh anniversary. Inside were kibble samples...kangaroo, trout, turkey stew, salmon. YoYoMa sidled up to sniff the bag. "Here's an idea," he said, "What if you mixed ALL of these together and served the mixture as the bottom of our meal. then arranged the cheese and chicken and sushi elegantly on top. Then you can garnish with the veggies." White Dog nuzzled Steve, "Just like the good old days when you and Richard used to do Haute Hotties Meals." Steve bowed to the pressure of the pack and created lovingly arrayed tapas on a bed of exotic kibble for each of the pups. For Benson, he improvised to take his special dietary needs into account.

In the meantime, Bella and Opal and Zso helped me sliced up nectarines and make up little cupcake holders full of fruit topped with a scoop of ice cream. After our meal, Steve would simply turn an individual serving into each bowl for a refreshing finale.

Blessedly all agreed that BEFORE diving into our repast Steve and I should have "twenty minutes" to rehydrate, take off shoes and just breathe under the cooling airs.

Steve sank into a chair and sighed. "THANK YOU! Loved ones."

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