June 24, 2017

White Dog was resting in her fortress behind the chairs as I assembled folders on a snack table. Stormer was wrapped around the table side and front so that his bottom was on my foot and his head against the rail of the tray. As I worked I munched on peanuts.

On my left, Zofia pressed against my leg. She cried, softly moaning that she thought her brother was taking up too much "momma" space. I cupped her ear and stroked the side of her face. "There is plenty of room to stretch out here against THIS foot," I told her, but she persisted with her whimpering.

Finally, Stormer could not bear her complaints any longer and got up. He went to join Steve in the office.

"There," I told her. "Are you happy? Now there is plenty of room for you to stretch out and you have me all to yourself."

Zso got up, bent to to where CA had been resting and snatched up a single peanut that had been dropped. Then she walked away.

"So it WASN'T about quality time with me," I said to the open doorway. "Trying not to be insulted that it was ALL about a peanut!" There was no response.

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Random Felines said...

ah to be loved for dropped treats