June 25, 2017

White Dog gave a happy sigh. It had been a busy day, a good busy; the weather had broken and the heat was at least bearable. Steve had roasted a fresh chicken for the week which meant everyone would get still warm bites as dinner appetizers. YoYoMa was feeling spry enough to be up wandering with the pack in anticipation of dinner. It was a good day.

WD looked over at her brother, the White dog Army jokester. "Hey Yo, make us laugh. Tell us a joke." she commanded. The rest of the WDA drew around and Steve came to the doorway.

Always prepared, YoYoMa tilted his head, thought for a moment, then smiled..
"Why don't cats play cards?" he challenged his audience.

The others looked at each other and pondered the question. "Something to do with thumbs?" Steve asked. Yo shook his head. "Do they prefer checkers?" Sachi guessed. Another shake of the head.

"Well, why DON'T cats play cards?" WD asked playing straight dog.

YoYoMa looked around and then said, "Because there are too many Cheetahs!"

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