June 28, 2017

White Dog drew in a breath, looked at me, and then sounded the alarm bringing all of the White Dog Army to gather around us in the office. "It is momma," WD told them. "She has broken her glasses so now we must become her guide dogs. We will set up a schedule so that she always has someone at her side to help her and to make sure she can still get around." All eyes turned to me and the eyepieces in my hand."

I tried to roll back the panic as I reached next to my monitor and put on my regular glasses with the progressive lenses. THESE are the ones I normally wear when I am not working at the computer so I was hardly left unseeing.

The pair I broke while cleaning them are an ancient pair that are single focal lenses that seem to work better for the demands of reading the computer screen and doing online work. I wear them in the office only, unless I forget to change them out.

The White Dog Army heard my explanation but no one was convinced. All day today every time I have shifted, stood up, or walked out of the room, I have been accompanied by so many "guides" that I am nearly tripping over THEM.

My regular glasses, suited for getting about and normal life functions are not comfortable for computer work and finding the place to look through the lens makes me feel like like I am scrolling with my head. Plus, the prescription is different from the very old pair I was used to. Fortunately, I am able to see the optometrist early next week to get some kind of replacement.

In the meantime I am VERY fortunate to have assistance from so many helpful pairs of eyes.  I just hope the furry bodies holding those eyes don't ultimately add a cast to my woes.


Gus said...

I have worn glasses for 66.5 years. When I was a tiny tyke, I was very hard on frames. At that time ( but maybe no longer) the ophthalmologists were able to take the lensed and move them to a smaller frame by cutting them down. The secret seemed only to work for two changes, because the lenses are trimmed down each time, and it is hard to retain the optical center. (I'm relying on my memory here, so please forgive me if the technical stuff is a bit woozy)

Shhorthand....ask the folks where you go if there is any way to save these lenses with a new frame. And tell them you are not trying to be cheap, just frugal. And I have a pair of Lindbergh frames I would be happy to send to you so you can see if they will work. I cant tell from the photo, but it looks like a maybe? Happy to get them there by Monday.


Gus said...

caveat: It might not save you any money, because lenses are usually more expensive (I think there are some "tricks" that only authorized dealers are privy to)

But the frames are titanium, and I enjoyed them for almost ten years before I got really bored with them.

Random Felines said...

hate it when that happens. we hope you can get a new pair quickly enough.