June 27, 2017

White Dog touched my arm. "Slow and steady wins the race, momma," she reminded me. I was not unhappy with the number Cindy from Dr. Julia's office gave me. In fact, I had hoped this morning that we had not LOST ground.

Toward the beginning of the weekend last week YoYoMa had experienced of couple of days where the heat seemed to get him. He was a little loose and seemed to be sleeping more; but then again all of the White Dog Army were reacting the same way. Still, with his situation, I worry easily.

So Cindy's announcement that Yo's red blood cell count was 35% (up one point from last Thursday) was great news. She said, "Dr. Skains will be thrilled with how well we continue to do. She will call you if there is anything she wants to add, but keep holding what you are doing and let's test again next Monday."

Yo and I...and the rest of the White Dog Army are good with that.

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meowmeowmans said...

We're okay with that, too! Keep on keeping on, Yo!