June 4, 2017

White Dog knew the sound of the ladder going up against the side of the house this early on a day predicted to be a hot one and she understood its significance. When the rest of the White Dog Army began their INTRUDER ALERT song, she gathered them around her.

"Fear not," she told them. "It is not an intruder. It is not even Santa Claus on the roof. It is BETTER than that." The WDA was looking at her with curiosity. Zsofia went to stand with her head out of the dog door to see what she could see.

"It is dad up there. And this is SWAMP COOLER ACTIVATION DAY!" The crowd erupted in song without everyone being sure what it was that they were so happy about. Above us, unseen, we could hear Steve working on getting the evaporative cooler running for the season.

"In a little while, after dad gets everything cleaned up and the hoses connected, he will turn on the switch which will send cool moist air blowing out of the vents and drifting down to envelope us all in the most amazing refreshing perfect for napping breeze ever."

Some of the White Dog Army remembered from past summers and immediately sought out their favorite spots...spots calculated using the science of air masses and the physics of dynamic motion and the memories of past experiences. The anticipation heightened as they heard the ladder being put away...and then.

The entire house breathed a giant sigh of comfort and settled in for a cool post breakfast nap...


meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for Swamp Cooler Activation Day! We can see it makes things perfect for napping, sweet WDA pals. :)

Random Felines said...

yay for the cold airs!!!

Barbara said...

Oh my, Trixie.
No hair again.