June 5, 2017

White Dog overhead Steve this morning as he was preparing to take YoYoMa for his blood work. Steve quietly said to me, "Yo seems to be dragging a little and he wasn't enthusiastic all the way to the end of his bowl at breakfast. Let's hope he has at least held his number steady." Then he and Yo headed over to the vet's office.

While they were gone WD rallied her troops and sat on the bed with me. "We are all gong to concentrate on YoYoMa's red blood cells. Everyone think of his blood cells as being stealthy ninja who are successfully slipping past the bad guys to make Yo healthier." Stormer suggested that we all have a small piece of jerky, "It IS protein after all." to help in red blood cell production. The WDA chewed and meditated.

Later in the morning Cindy, Dr. Julia's Number One, called us with the results. "Whatever it is you are doing, KEEP IT UP!" she cooed. "He is at 23%" That was three points up from last Thursday. The WDA broke out in a happy song and Cindy laughed along in joy...she is VERY invested in YoYoMa's progress; she lost her beautiful boy, Morgan, to this same disease on the day YoYoMa was first diagnosed.

"Call dad," White Dog demanded. "He needs to know that happily his instincts were wrong. It will make his day better." Steve WAS very surprised...and thrilled. Yo? He was stretched out on the sun porch, napping through all of the hoopla.

White Dog, Opal and Nilla immediately went into celebration planning mode for tonight's meal. They decided on a theme of "Red." meaning that feast would include high-protein salmon, red amaranth, creamy red Russian kale, raw beef liver pate. "This meal will be good for Yo, the rest of us will get a treat, and even Benson can share if we give him chicken instead of liver...and I don't think he will mind," Trixie put in.

"And strawberries with egg yolk custard for dessert, pleeeeeeze, momma?" Zsofia wooed.

I nodded but the WDA had already moved on to making the big red  "TWENTY-THREE! Yes, siree!" poster. I smiled at my pack's devotion to each other and went to find the recipe for Yo's (and Zso's and Steve's)  favorite custard.