June 8, 2017

White Dog smiled sadly at the photo that fell out of a reference book I grabbed off of the shelf. It had been used as a bookmark and long forgotten.

"The Mighty Quinn and our Fashionista, Nuka," she said. "From the days when the White Dog Army was just beginning to form. Is it wrong to sometimes miss those days?"

"Little White Dog of My Heart, this is what made us into the WDA we are today. Those times and the members who first helped us open our hearts to give to those in need. We have learned so much from every single member who came into our family."

"Quinn and Nuka were such amazing friends," WD remembered. "Although it still makes my heart ache when I think of her missing him SO much after he crossed the Bridge that she had to follow so quickly." "I know, I wish she had stayed longer but look at this photo, she was simply too incomplete without Quinn. We would not have wanted her to stay and suffer every single day."

White Dog nodded slowly. "She was very lucky that she and Quinn both joined the White Dog Army so they could find each other," she said. "And WE are lucky for all of the good memories and shared times we had with them that made us laugh as well as cry."

"I will never forget them," WD whispered. "I wish they could see the Army they started, now. I think they would be amazed and very happy."  

"Sweet Love, I think they know and watch over us all."

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