June 7, 2017

White Dog tried to turn the White Dog Army's thoughts from their discomfort. There was some sort of rolling power loss issue across the city, and we were sitting without electricity. No computer or phone service for momma, but more important on this day of high eighty degree temperatures, no evaporative cooler, no fans, no opening the refrigerator.

It started as panting which became sort of a chorus of heavy breathing and sighs. "When will we have cool air back?" was the question asked every few minutes. "Sweet loves, trust me, I am also uncomfortable, but I do not know how long it will be." It did not help that it was muggy with humidity from building storms. The air was still and stifling so the deck and outdoors offered no relief.

The pack started to get restless and edgy.

White Dog gathered the WDA around. "Let's do a little imagining to beat the heat," she told them. "Think about being cool. Think about your favorite chill moment. Let's take turns describing those times. Close your eyes and try to make those moments come alive in your body. Feel the breeze or snow; remember the frosty air. I'll go first..."
Before the WDA could even finish their exercise in thinking cool, we heard the motor for the ceiling fun groan to life and the window fans began to turn...power had returned! 


Random Felines said...

ugh....hate that. glad you are all back to being cool

NanĂ¼k said...

Zso looks so magnificent sitting in the snow.