July 12, 2017

White Dog leaned her head against YoYoMa's neck and whispered, "Don't let this set you back. It is only one point and really doesn't mean that much. Keep those ninja red blood cells sneaking past your immune system. Here, have half of my jerky. The extra protein will help." And she laid the bite of duck she had been holding in her mouth at his feet.

Sometimes my heart breaks at the compassion and love the White Dog Army has for each other.

YoYoMa's hemocrit number was down one point this week, 34 from 35. Statistically in the vet world this is not an issue of concern but to those of us holding our breaths and constantly keeping fingers crossed, DOWN is bad. It is a psychological thing. One reading does not establish a trend but it COULD be the start of one...or of a steep spiral that rushes in out of nowhere, the thinking goes.

Dr. Julia cautioned against panic and reminded me that I have become an expert in the clues to watch for. "If something seems not right or he shows signs, bring him in," she reassured. "Otherwise keep doing what has been working and we will check next Tuesday. Believe in your boy, he is a fighter." I push away the response, "and IMHA is a killer" instead refocusing on visualizing MORE stealth red blood cell ninja confidently slipping past the guards.

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Brian said...

Hugs to YoYoMa from all of us here. I know it's tough but smile and the Army will smile with you.