July 13, 2017

White Dog just shook her head. "That girl has springs on the bottom of her feet."

I had gone into the bedroom to move Benson who was gate keeping the dog door so that no pup could enter or exit. As I resettled him in a more private spot along the windows to a spot kissed with a sunbeam and gentle breeze from the swamp cooler, I looked out the window.

There was a pigeon walking along the top of our wall. "Someone must be feeding those feathered rats," I told Ben, "We really do not want them around because they are dirty and carry sickies." He was already curled up and halfway back to his nap.

But not Pearl. I saw her spring up outside from below our view. She was leaping straight up from standing, like a kangaroo, trying to get the bird. Again and again she jumped and kept the bird moving.

Pearly is no puppy and it is a testament to her complete recovery from the catastrophic state she was rescued from and sent her to the White Dog Army. She is so active. She would excel at agility coursework if not for her social fears. Regularly, she jumps from the floor to the top of the end table in a single upward thrust of all four legs. She rises like a helicopter, straight up. It is most impressive.

But her leaps as she stalked the stupid bird were awe-inspiring. Our wall is 7' tall and our little 20lb. miniature Eskie was hitting the two-thirds mark with ease. With a running start, she might just be able to grab a mouthful of feathers...

...which come to think of it, MIGHT explain the clump we found on the bathroom rug the other day.


Random Felines said...

Scare them off Pearl

Sue Lunsford said...

You go, Pearl! Just stay inside the fence!