July 17, 2017

White Dog tends to be cyclical in her eating routine so we usually do not get overly concerned when she turns into a picky eater or chooses to skip a meal. But the past few days she seems to have created a domino-effect of turning up noses at bowls. And seems to be dragging.

Pearl insisted on eating in the kitchen as opposed to her regular place and then only nibbled. Over the weekend Stormer and Benson lost their appetites. Next it was YoYoMa and then Sachi. Today it has been Bella and Zsofia, who ALWAYS eats her meal. There are different menus involved so it is not the food, as Steve briefly considered.

When tummies turned to grumbling and messes started appearing the VERY slow humans realized that we had a White Dog Army sickies epidemic on our hands.

When one member of the family gets sickies, it is inevitable that it will pass through most of the pack. But having SEVEN patients is most unusual. The washing machine and carpet cleaner are getting quite a workout.

And poor Opal, happy and healthy, is at a loss because NO one wants to play. But she has volunteered to eat all of the meals left untouched.

This will pass hopefully quickly. All are maintaining hydration and getting lots of rest...the best plan for healing...along with LOTS of momma love.
Momma, I do not feel so good. Please tell Opal I do not want to play.

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Random Felines said...

poor babies...hope it passes quick (though the thought of Opal having a great time with meal clean up is adorable)