July 18, 2017

White Dog said, "That is my brother. He ALWAYS can make you laugh." And she is right; there is just something about YoYoMa that links us. He seems to know when to come and stand before me, tilt his head, put on a goofy expression, and share a dumb joke. And I am putty every time...I giggle and break into a smile.

Like today, I talked to Dr. Julia about YoYoMa's latest blood numbers. His hematocrit number is holding at 34...not the increase we always hope for but not the drop I held my breath fearing. BUT his white blood cell count was up again from last week.

I was not surprised since he is one of the White Dog Army stricken with the digestive sickies going through the pack, but with his compromised immune system infections are always a concern. Dr. Julia put him on a stronger antibiotic in addition to the one he takes as part of his IMHA treatment protocol and we will watch closely.

"We can handle this," White Dog reassured me. "Heck, Yo IS holding his own. That is a GOOD thing." But still she...and YoYoMa...could tell I was concerned.

My Big White goofball got up and sauntered to stand in front of me. He tilted his head. "Here is a science thought for the day," he mugged:

"6.0221 x 10^23 guacas ≈ 1 guacamole (made with fresh avagadros) " 

Have I mentioned I love my boy?


Random Felines said...

Gotta keep your sense of humor

meowmeowmans said...

We, too, are glad Yo is holding steady. And yes, smiles are very good things!