July 2, 2017

White Dog's favorite part of Opera Season is Sleep in Sundays. We do not get home from the opera until nearly 1am and by the time we are greeted and do all of the pre-bed things it is nearly three, so Sunday mornings begin much later than Steve's usual 5:30am.

These are Sundays that are slow and languid and breakfast becomes a brunch menu that has the luxury of fussing because schedules have been set aside. There is cuddling and brushing and supervising Steve in the kitchen.

This morning the Master Chef and his sous chefs decided that we needed bacon and to go along with it, wheatberry pancakes with blueberries and bananas (but only for the banana lovers in the crowd, momma, Siku and YoYoMa not included). Then Pearl suggested yogurt, honey and peach smoothies as well...the kitchen was hopping.

While the kitchen group worked their magic, Bella and Opal...with Stormer's direction...supervised my putting the lamb shoulder in the crock pot along with a jar of bruschetta topping from the pantry and some red wine and setting it to slow cook all day for dinner. Later we would add red potatoes to roast along. Add some simple steamed asparagus and voila! Easy Sunday!

Even Benson, our often picky boy, admitted his regular breakfast was VERY festive when mixed with the smoothie and that the pancakes were a wonderful treat.

Every White Dog yawned their agreement and headed for places to nap. "After all, White Dog reminded me as she headed for her bedroom, "we were up VERY late."