July 1, 2017

White Dog gave the picnic a final once over before sending us on our way to Santa Fe. She had grown impatient as I took the time to explain to the White Dog Army that it was the beginning of Opera Season and that for the next five Saturdays dad and I would leave about now and not come home until very late. I reassured that although they would think it was a long time that we would return without question, and that all was well. The WDA received an early dinner with the promise that salmon planks awaited them when we got home from the Opera. I took an extra few minutes with Benson, Opal and Bella...all not so sure they were comfortable with the idea of momma leaving them for such a long time.

And then we were off to the opera. Lucia di Lammermoor is not a short opera so it was 11:30pm before we left Santa Fe.  The first performances start late because SF Opera house is open to the environment and the productions do not begin until sundown, tonight 8:30.

Sweet Pearl was at her station when Pumpkin pulled in the drive at nearly 1am. Based on our enthusiastic welcome the WDA had taken my advice to nap a lot. Hugs and nuzzles were given. WD nosed the picnic bag and was pleased to see few remains. "Yes, Sweet Girl, we LOVED the food."

As they gobbled the pink salmon and crispy skin, I told the White Dogs the tragic story of Lucia and her resulting madness. They had a different idea of how the libretto should have gone.

"Why in dog's name didn't she just tell her brother NO!" WD wanted to know. "She should have told him he was a big greedy bully," said Zsofia. "I like Operas where the couple in love live happily ever after," sighed Nilla. "If it were you, momma, you would have just used some harsh words, maybe punched that jerk,  and left with the man of your dreams," Stormer added...and I nodded.

After a snack and reconnecting we had bedtime pills to distribute...and Benson needed his subq fluids. Our poor boy was so tired at that point that he fell asleep while receiving his treatment.

WD conferred with the pack and faced Steve. "Dad, it s nearly 2:30 in the morning. Would it be ok if we did not take you for walks tonight? We can still have treats but you must be REALLY tired."

Steve gratefully smiled at her. "Sweet One, and all of you. It would be wonderful if we just shared nite-nite treats and skipped walks. I AM tired from the drive and tomorrow we have lots to do. Thanks for understanding." I noticed every pup got an extra peanut butter heart when treats were passed out.

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