July 21, 2017

Edward Parks, who plays Steve Jobs, and the Santa Fe Opera Chorus 
in The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.
Ken Howard/Courtesy of the Santa Fe Opera

White Dog was delighted to plan this week's opera menu. It is the much anticipated highlight of the season for me, the world premiere of the (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.

"I love his story because he comes from Middle Eastern immigrants and he is self made." White Dog  shared with me. "Of course we must have one of our favorite cuisines and it must come from our favorite family run cafe. Their food is so good and they are always so nice."

The White Dog Army quickly gathered around her as she opened the menu. "We know this almost by heart," she told her siblings, "but we want to put together a meal worthy of a world premiere."

"Labna," Sofia said immediately, "the creamy spreadable goat cheese is a good way to start. But momma must bring some home so WE get bites of the tart richness on pita bread." WD wrote it down.

"Oh, I love kibbeh," YoYoMa voted. "Ground lamb coated in bulghur with garlicky sauce is soooo good."  "I like to put humus on MY kibbeh," Nilla said, "so be sure you write humus on the menu."

"Chicken shawarma has such flavor. Oh, and lamb kebobs. We HAVE to have lentils and rice. Don't forget falafil." The chorus of White Dog must-adds caused me to hold up a hand. "Wow! You are creating a feast for a caliph." White Dog had a quick response. "Or an Army. Whatever you and dad can't eat at the picnic just bring home and WE will be sure it does not go to waste!"

"We are forgetting dessert," Trixie pointed out. "Those nut and honey treats are so yummy. And WD I KNOW you love pistachios." "PLEASE get some Kanafah, (a dense cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup)," Bella danced and begged. "Add orange basbousa and I promise I won't ask for more," Pearl and Storm said at the same time.

"You guys know we will have THREE meals for all of us out of what is on this list." White Dog looked at me. "And the problem with that is?" I paused because her point was a valid one; what WOULD be wrong with such tasty leftovers to start the week.

"Sounds perfect," WD nodded as she reread her list. "Only thing is could you leave the picnic with us instead of making us wait until you get home?

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Sounds delicious and a great evening