July 22, 2017

White Dog sounded the alarm as we pulled in the drive. By the time we got into the house, every pup was sitting in the kitchen where their food bowls go at meal time.

They know that tonight we brought home leftovers of an opera picnic that included their favorites... like lamb kebobs and chicken shawarma and nibbles of Middle Eastern delights.

Steve wasted no time, at WD's urging ("share the leftovers, we can listen to the opera news while we eat"), parceling what we brought home into bowls.
It wasn't until the White Dog Army lifted heads from universally empty bowls that they politely asked about the World Premier we had just witnessed...before turning serious staring looks at the picnic bag where the bits of pastry waited for their dessert.

1 comment:

Random Felines said...

we are sure the show was great, but it sounds like the leftovers might have been better