July 30, 2017

White Dog curled up on the arm of the chair and sighed a long contented "hmmmm." We could hear Zsofia, Nilla, Pearl and Sachi outside helping Steve with yard cleanup. The house smelled like the dog cookies we had just put into the oven.

We make a special high protein powerhouse cookie for YoYoMa but this morning we had mixed a larger batch so that all could share when they came in from working in the yard. Made of cooked quinoa, minced chicken, peanut butter and eggs, YoYoMa LOVES these treats. They help boost his protein intake as well....hopefully feeding robustly happy ninja red blood cells.

White Dog tapped me to add, "healthy or not, momma, the point is that they are just simply delicious."

As we were putting the rounded tablespoons onto the cookie sheet, White Dog and Stormer were dividing the total by 11 to determine the portion of the treat treasure each of the WDA would receive.

"Whoa! You two must remember these are for Yo across the coming week when you all get different post bedtime walk treats. When the cookies cool, you will each get one or maybe two to sample..."

I heard WD mumble under her breath to Stormer, "...or maybe three..."

And neither heard the end of my thought, "...but the rest will be put in the container in the refrigerator for your brother."

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