July 31, 2017

White Dog's concern was the deciding factor in Steve coming home at lunch to take YoYoMa to Dr. Julia for his blood work a day early. YoYoMa had been more lethargic than usual all weekend and at a couple of points even seemed to be having difficulty moving around. His lips were pink, breathing good, he was eating and drinking but he just seemed VERY tired...and his hematocrit number had been down slightly last week.

"I can't go first thing because I have a staff meeting," Steve said this morning, "but let's not wait. I will come home in the afternoon and we will have an answer and a plan before the day is over." I agreed that if there was to be a change in meds or if we had a big issue it would be best to know sooner rather than later.

Dr. Julia called at the end of the day. Yo's number was actually up one! But his white blood cell count was up as well. She was of the opinion that whatever he was fighting was taking a lot of energy; hence the lethargy. We decided to switch out both of his antibiotics for amoxicillin and see if that brought the number down next week. She also added a pain medication if we thought he needed it.

There has been no indication of pain but our vet thought it might aid mobility if it were inflammation or muscle tightness from the body infection he is fighting.

Though only one point up, not even "real" in math terms, it was enough to cause happy dancing here...and of course, a round of treats. Duck Jerky for everyone! We love you, ninja!


Random Felines said...

Good job Yo

Brian said...

Up is good and we'll celebrate right along with you!