July 7, 2017

White Dog gathered the White Dog Army for a menu planning session. "Tomorrow's Opera is Strauss' Die Fledermaus. We need to build a picnic that will wow and tie into it somehow."

Sachi firmly planted his feet and Zsofia moved close to him. "Do NOT even ask us hunters to stalk down a BAT," he declared. "They are scary and mean and I don't think they would taste very good. And besides..." Zsofia gently placed her paw on his back to quiet him. "We MIGHT be able to get some mice, though," he mumbled as she bent down to whisper in his ear.

White Dog rolled her eyes.

"If it has to be Bat-themed, maybe we could do like a Batman symbol concept," Benson suggested.

White Dog stood up on the chair. "OK, let's get past the bat obsession," she commanded. "Strauss was German and American Eskimos have a German heritage. We used to be called German Spitzes."

"Hey!" Opal shouted. "We could do a German menu! Momma and Dad both love German food. Who thinks I have a good idea?"

White Dog thought for a moment. "It WOULD mean great leftovers for us," she agreed. The room buzzed as the idea caught hold. A short while later White Dog brought her shopping list in, along with our preparation timeline. "Better have Dad stop on the way home for groceries. We have lots of the items here already so we can get started right away. You and Dad are going to have a wonderful meal."

The menu conjured by the White Dog Army to precede Die Fledermaus:
Appetizers: Bavarian pretzels with rock salt and honey mustard dipping sauce;  trout salad served with rye crackers.

Entree: Chicken Schnitzel and Spaetzel topped with three mushroom sauce; Sauteed Brussels sprouts and caramelized opinions.

Desserts: (I looked up. "Desserts? plural? WD replied the WDA was split on the choice and I like both, so...) Sour cherry streudel and plum dumplings

"Is it good, momma," she asked. "Sweet loves, once again you have outdone yourselves." I heard cheers from the living room. "Dad is going to swoon!"

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meowmeowmans said...

Wow, what a delicious menu you've come up with, WDA pals! Dad is gonna love it, for sure!