July 6, 2017

White Dog was in a mood. At dinner, she impatiently demanded that the others be ignored while HER bowl was delivered. Steve patiently explained that since she insisted he sit next to her during the meal, that she would have to wait until the rest of the White Dog Army had their food...just like always.

When Steve placed her dinner on the couch and sat next to her she decided that she preferred to have her meal on the floor. So he set the silver dish on the floor at his feet. She sniffed the contents and walked away.

Steve coaxed her back and invited her once again to hop up. Once again at his side, ED sniffed the bowl and moved to lie down at the end of the furniture. Steve picked out a tasty morsel and held it out. She turned her head. He cajoled her to "Try it" as the others, now finished, gathered around to watch and hope that THEY would be asked.

"Maybe you need a little incentive?" Steve said to her and picked up the bowl to go to the kitchen. I looked at the Queen and used my momma voice. "No! We are not going to play the Beg Me Game. Dad works hard to cook your meals and you are being ungrateful. You get one more chance and then dad will put your bowl in the refrigerator. You will be done and Dad and I will eat dinner. You will not get any bites from us, either."

WD flashed me a look of defiance. It was no longer about hunger, it was about who would win. She tossed her head and jumped down. "So be it," I said.

At dinner she tested Steve's resolve by sitting behind him and tapping to ask for bites. I know it was a gargantuan effort on his part but he held fast...she went without tasting the Asian appetizer plate we had prepared. I heard her quietly crying into Steve's back.

In concession because of his resolve, I nodded my OK for him to try offering her meal after we finished.

White Dog hopped back up next to Steve as he placed her bowl in front of her. She stared into it. Once again the WDA Army vultured around. "Come on, Baby Girl, please eat your dinner!" He told her as Trixie pushed forward to try to help herself to what was being, in her mind, "wasted." WD growled and Steve pushed Trix back. WD took a sniff and a small bite but when Steve said something encouraging she stopped and put on stubborn again.

Mean Momma resurfaced. "You have had a bunch of chances, Little One. I am DONE playing. Eat or get down.....FIVE...FOUR...(she looked at me)...THREE...(she bent her head)...TWO...she began eating. I lifted my finger for Steve to ignore her action.

Five minnutes later the bowl was empty, WD swished her tail at me, and went outside.

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24 Paws of Love said...

Glad WD finally ate.

Well played by all! :)