August 2, 2017

White Dog sat down next to me. "Momma, we have a problem," she started. I looked at her and gave her my full attention. I had NO idea where this was heading but the rest of the White Dog Army was normal and quiet, so at least I could rule out a fight in progress.

"SOME pup," she continued, "has been playing engineer with the dog door. Whoever it was has managed to pull of the magnet strip at the bottom of the flap. So now the door does not close tightly." "So THAT is where all of the flies are suddenly coming from," I replied.

"More important than that the strip was also smooth. Now the bottom of the entry is rough and uneven. I noticed that Yo, Trixie, Stormer and Nilla all have scrape marks on their heels. I think it is from dragging their foot over the threshold that is now a hazard."

I followed her into the bedroom and looked at the door. Sure enough what had once been a smooth frame now had teeth. Then we looked at Stormer who was sleeping on his bed with his leg sticking out. WD was right, he had a scrape mark. He stirred when I sprayed it with antiseptic but did not awaken.

WD said "Maybe there is some way to order a new part?" I promised to get on the research right away. "When dad comes home, we will check out the others and treat their abrasions," I told her. "And maybe you can help him figure out a temporary solution to protect the edge...like maybe duct tape." She nodded and headed over to her bed to give the problem some thought.

I thanked her for bringing the problem to my attention. She stopped for a moment and turned back to me. "Who ever would have thought that having an Army involved SO much constant monitoring?" "I know, Little White Dog of My Heart, it is not easy being Queen."

Just then something crashed in the kitchen. She and I both headed in that direction with the same word on our lips..."TRIXIE!"

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Random Felines said...

Good job protecting the pack