August 1, 2017

White Dog and I were discussing just how quickly July had vanished when I felt a bump against my thigh. I reached down as I continued the conversation expecting that it was Opal needing some attention. But the fur was not right. I turned from White Dog to see Pearl next to me.


Pearl, my aloof shy girl. Pearl, whose normal up close contact with me is to take a treat politely and gently from my fingers...and then to back away. Pearl, who I know loves me but always at a distance. Pearl, who has been with us almost two years who remains closed and cautious in many ways.

Pearl was at my side. SHE had initiated contact and she was asking to be recognized.

I moved my hand slowly along her back and she looked up. Her eyes gave me permission and she leaned into my touch.

In these moments I am always hyper-aware of the fragile connection and almost hold my breath for fear of startling or making a wrong move.

"It is such a treat to have you visit me," I softly told her as I moved my hand to stroke her ears. She tilted her head to absorb my touch...

...and then walked from the room.

White Dog laughed at me. "Momma, you are so silly! You have tears."


Random Felines said...

We love those moments

meowmeowmans said...

Amazing and wonderful. We have tears, too, White Dog. :)