August 8, 2017

White Dog was pleased. "The trend is upward again. Woohoo!" was her response when YoYoMa and Steve returned from this morning's bloodwork.
Normally we must wait for the numbers but Dr. Julia left orders for the tech to run the blood immediately and let Steve know. It seems our beloved vet has been blessed by rare visits from BOTH her adult kids simultaneously...one daughter lives in Wales. Unless Yo's numbers were problematic or there were other issues, she asked that we understand and promised she would personally review all of the numbers next week.

YoYoMa and Steve loved being able to share the good news right away...and White Dog loved being able to call for a celebratory post-breakfast round of duck jerky ("It's about keeping Yo's protein intake up," she explained).


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Brian said...

Oh hooray, that is good news, happy dance!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Awesome news, friends! We're happy right along with you! :)