November 10, 2017

White Dog snorted, she was laughing so hard. After dinner YoYoMa had suggested a family game of "Guess Who I Am?" a favorite of the entire White Dog Army where a member does an impersonation and the others must guess who is being represented.

First up was Sachi.
"Who am I?" he asked mugging with his tongue hanging out and chasing after Opal trying to push his nose where it was not invited. Nilla giggled, "This is a political commentary, isn't it?" "Sachi, you are wicked," Yo told him.

Zsofia's impersonation was easy.
"Dad, when he comes back from running with you and Bailey in the early morning." Pearl wagged. "And sometimes he collapses on the floor just like that."

We all peered to see what Pearl was holding.
"Why, that is Opal with a squeaker from a stuffie!" Bailey guessed but Pearly shook her head. "Sachi teasing Zso?" Stormer answered. Again, Pearl shook her head. The WDA looked puzzled for a moment then White Dog laughed. "It is ME when I have a dental chew and I don't want to drool on my furs and I have to protect it from you vultures!"

Bailey wanted to try her paw at the game.
"You always look like that!" Bella said. "You are right," Bailey responded. "This is my Do You Mean Me? look when momma tells me to come."

White Dog walked to the center of the room. All looked up. While she is a great guesser, WD does NOT generally actually perform.
The White Dogs watched her face and thought deeply. She held the look and walked slowly around the coffee table. YoYoMa spoke up as she passed him. "I cannot see you but I can tell just from the vibe when you walked past me. You are impersonating momma when we have pushed too far and she gives us the look. That is a VERY good approximation, sister!" All turned to see if I would laugh.

"Well, White Dog, you goosestep a little more than I do but the 'Look'...you got me down! Hey, Yo, what is THIS?" I asked him as I reached for and crinkled the treat bag.

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