November 11, 2017

White Dog nodded toward the kitchen and said very quietly, "Looks like the early arrivals for winterover are coming in."

Sachi had his nose under the serving cart and was clawing madly at something. Bailey was lying with her paws wrapped around the kibble storage bin. Pearl was staring behind the kitchen door.

Zsofia was sitting stock still, in full alert, ears forward, eyes narrowed, tensed to spring.

I heard the tiny scurry noise and the scritch sound. So did Steve. He sighed, "I better set up some traps before this becomes a four-star hotel for the winter crowd."

Last year, we were overwhelmed with mice and spent the entire season dealing with the problem and sealing everything in the kitchen in mouse-proof containers. "Surely he or she will quickly discover that there are not many amenities offered," I replied.

Pearl tilted her head, listening and Zso shifted only her eyes.

"And hopefully once it is discovered that our house is protected by a top notch team of mousers, they will spread the word that their friends should seek other accommodations," White Dog added.

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meowmeowmans said...

No food and a team of top-notch mousers? Those little critters had better find somewhere else to shack up for the winter.