November 12, 2017

White Dog supervised the opening of the little package. Once the mailing wrapper was removed, she advised Steve to take the thing and open it inside the crate in the bedroom. She knew it had been sent with all of the air sucked out and that the minute Steve  cut open the inside package Zsofia's new mattress would expand to fullsize in less than a minute. The others crowded close to see but jumped back when the thing unfolded and expanded until it matched the size of Zso's super deluxe bedroom suite.

Steve and WD left the White Dog Army standing respectfully back from the crate and watching in curiosity. I heard Opal say, "Are you going to try it out?" To which Zso replied, "Maybe later, why don't YOU step on it?"

Meanwhile Steve and White Dog had moved the smallish lounging pillow next to Steve's desk in the office. They shifted a few things around and spread the old Zso mattress in the spot. It just fit and created a group sized resting area.

In the evenings when the entire WDA wants to hang out in the office and help blog, space get a bit tight. The new "bleachers" provided a comfy congregating place to be shared.

We all went into the office after dinner to discover that the best laid plans of Steve and WD could be subverted by one Siberian Husky's discovery that the new spot was perfect to totally stretch out and give a fully belly a chance to digest.

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