November 14, 2017

White Dog good naturedly nudged her brother. "This brother of mine is incredible, isn't he? I mean he rolls with everything that his disease throws at him and fights his way right back."

It is Tuesday and we just got the latest update from Dr. Julia. YoYoMa's red blood cell count was stuck at the same place it had been TWO weeks ago. It had not gone up but, then again, it had not gone down. It was acceptable...or as Dr. Julia stressed, "STABLE." His white blood cells are behaving as well. He is still suffering hair loss from the medical cocktail but new furs seem to be growing back slowly so we agreed to keep Yo groomed and to not worry. There are no irritation, infected skin, or abnormalities but we will be vigilant; one thing we HAVE learned is that IMHA is unpredictable.

"See you after the holiday," Dr. Julia said. That seemed so far off. "And remember we will be closed the Friday after so tell your kids now that they must all stay healthy for four days in a row." We both laughed but I am sure that she, like I did, whispered, "No really!" as we hung up.


The Daily Pip said...

Sometimes no change is a good thing. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday!

NanĂ¼k said...

Stay strong Yo!