November 6, 2017

White Dog nodded in understanding. It was early afternoon when the morning sun has warmed the earth and casts its golden heat into the yard. CA Stormer was stretched out, soaking up the Autumn perfection.

More and more our old boy is troubled by his hip dysplasia and mobility limitations. Fortunately adequan and gabapentin offer relief but White Dog believes they only supplement Stormer's own determination, the healing energy of the Universe, and the love of the White Dog Army.

So today, our old man lies in the soothing dirt and absorbs the blessings of New Mexico's high elevation clear blue sky. Eventually he will wobble to his feet and rabbit hop back inside; once there he will curl up on his blankets and dream of soon to come dinner and the homey warmth of the kitchen as chicken roasts.


Brian said...

I hope you enjoy lots of yummy chicken my handsome friend!

Sherry Marr said...

What a sweet boy. His life is deeply pleasurable to him, I can tell. Our Lukey had hip dysplacia from puppyhood to age eleven..........so I recognize the bunny hop. I hope he has much time left to enjoy his lovely home.