November 7, 2017

White Dog and Bailey were back-to-back, asleep, in the office and totally ignored Zsofia's insistent demand that SOMEBODY play with her.

Her ever loyal, devoted BFF, Sachi, stretched, got up from his Superman Snoozing position at the doorway, grabbed a play bone and set it down before her in challenge. She bent to grab it, he snatched it back and ran...with Zso thundering in pursuit.

They crashed back through the house and chase evolved into wrestling.

With all of the noise and fury of an actual WWF Event, the two happily spun and twisted and rolled across the floor. YoYoMa called the match in favor of Sachi although there is SOME suspicion that the game was thrown. 

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Random Felines said...

bet that game is a lot louder than when Chanel starts it with Daiquiri here