November 8, 2017

White Dog stopped, turned and walked over to where Nilla was standing. "Do you know you have coffee stains all over your back?" she asked her sister. Nilla, our shy girl, nodded. "At the Coffee Club this morning Bailey squeezed in next to me for her share...and well, YOU know what a sloppy, splashy cream drinker she is."

Bailey often DOES send a spray of coffee everywhere; her mentor s working on instilling better manners. Most of the other members of the Club just groom the splashes off of each other's ears, tops of heads, and backs but Nilla is too shy for that kind of intimacy and simply walks away.

Tonight, Our Little Ray of Sunshine got a little extra attention to wash up and brush the soiled furs. Of course, there were supervisors...
...and treats after. "Just like when Benson used to get his fluids every night," Bella said. "Now don't go standing under the coffee shower in expectation that we will do this EVERY night," Steve warned as he doled out the rabbit training treats.


meowmeowmans said...

I dunno. The WDA is pretty darned smart ... maybe Dad Steve shouldn't have given out that warning as he doled out those treats. ;)

Random Felines said...

sounds like she knew exactly what she was doing :)