January 10, 2018

White Dog called Bella out from under the chair. Miss B thought she was in trouble at first and came out timidly.

WD nosed a package over to her. "This came in the mail for you." With Steve's help, she tore open the envelope and pulled out the contents.

"Surprise!" WD told her. "It is a just because gift for you. Momma and I saw this pattern and we both thought it would look so nice on you that we had to get it."
Steve transferred tags from Bella's old collar to the new one as Bella, who takes a while to become comfortable with change, thought about a new "look." With her unsure nod, he snapped the strip around her neck. She shook to put it in place.
"It is hard to see with your all of your floof," White Dog told her. "But it is perfect and the pattern just sings Happy Tiny Dancer."

The rest of the White Dogs gathered around to see her new accessory and to compliment before Bella ran off to the hallway where Steve held the closet door open so she could see herself on the mirror hanging there.

She smiled then darted back under the chair.

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24 Paws of Love said...

How cute! Sweet Tiny Bella.