January 9, 2018

White Dog said, "She thinks she is helping. Thank dog you have such a good memory." If only...I thought.

Bailey has decided that my life would be less complicated if I did not have so many lists so she has made it her duty to root out those bits of paper where I scribble "to dos," ideas I want to remember, thoughts about upcoming menus, and general stuff I just do not want to forget. Some are written on the backs of envelopes; some live on sticky notes; some are seriously just scraps. I deal with the item, cross it off and then toss the note. Bailey eliminates the middle steps and just chews up the note.

Of course, that does leave me often without a vital link or directionless. Spittle wadded bits the size of your pinky nail do not reassemble well.

I have explained that she ADDS work and frustration rather than eliminates it but Bailey feels that I am stubbornly clinging to a narrow perspective. "Free yourself," she advocates. "How important can it be if you can't remember it."

She almost gets me with THAT argument.
Look closely to see microscopic scraps of my ideas for the weekend

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The Daily Pip said...

Bailey is welcome to come over and chew up some of my to do lists, too!