February 12, 2018

White Dog's Gotcha Day is on Wednesday and the Army voted that these days leading up to it should be devoted to sharing memories and paying tribute to their leader.

Tonight we share a few of White Dog's favorite foods (in no particular order, but as Bella observes, in case anyone needs a hint when planning the party).

Zsofia was peering over my shoulder. "What about lamb shanks...and baklava...and ahi...and brillat savarin cheese...and pumpkin pie with whipped cream...and apricots stuffed with marscapone...and green chile chicken enchiladas...and duck of any kind...and"

She was cut short by Tizenegy who was drooling like a Saint Bernard. "Wow! I have not been here long enough to know what a foodie my sister is. But thinking about it, there HAVE been clues," he said as he gently took a shrimp wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini from my fingers.

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Random Felines said...

sounds like it is going to be QUITE the spread