February 13, 2018

White Dog was an only child for five years before she saw the sad eyes of the Mighty Quinn in a photo and decided to invite him to share our family. Since then, the Little White Dog of My Heart has opened our lives to TWENTY-TWO special babies who have become the White Dog Army.

Today, the day before WD's Gotcha Day, we remember our growth and other Gotcha Days.
Siku meets The Mighty Quinn
And then Nuka

Puff was next

And YoYoMa

Oso joined us next


Taiko as a new recruit

Sachi sailed in

Welcome, Zsofia!

Benson tries out the Queen's throne

White Dog met Ferguson at the airport

At Nilla's Welcome Party
Gentle Storm

Pearl and Opal arrived together

CA Stormer came next

WD let Trixie sleep in one of her favorite spots because the big girl needed room to stretch

WD welcomed Anya

Bailey took Trixie's spot on the sofa

Tizenegy pays close attention as White Dog inducts him into the WDA

Roman reviews the WDA Gallery

Siku greets Darby, our meteor with us only 7 days in 2015


Random Felines said...

A great leader

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

He makes a great general. What a wonderful post, so many gotcha days!

Brian said...

Happy Gotcha Day and we love all you do to help others!