February 21, 2018

White Dog is making her own adjustment so she understands Roman's search for the perfect place to settle in for the night. Daytime napping is different and every member has a spot...or three...that is suitable for the time between post breakfast and pre-bedtime walks. But where you sleep for the night is claiming a territory that you expect all of the others to respect; it s "your" bed.

Roman has been with us only a few weeks and he is like Goldilocks when it comes to finding "THE" place. The crate next to the mat where Stormer sleeps was too warm. The momma chair too far from the rest of the pack. So each night is a guessing game of where he will lie his body down...and if he will still be in that spot in the morning. It is part of the rite of passage in the White Dog Army.

Tizenegy immediately found and claimed the big orthopedic mattress next to Steve's desk. He does not mind sharing during the day but already every White Dog knows that after treats at night, the space is HIS. He snuggles right into position and is asleep almost immediately.

Bailey is, herself, still experimenting. Some nights her choice is the foot of our bed where she rests. Some, it is on the sofa. And like last night, it is in the bathroom at the end by the door so that she does not disturb Sachi who sleeps against the tub.

White Dog faces nite-night changes of her own. Her bedroom suite in the closet includes a mattress that stretches from the bed that has sides and a back. In the past she has curled up on the bed and she graciously allowed Nilla to sleep on the mattress in front of her. Nilla felt safe and WD did not seem to mind the need to sometimes tiptoe or skate around her softly snoring senior sister.

But Nilla is beginning to show some signs of senility, she IS 18years old, and I worry that she will wander outside during the night and forget her way in. So we have gently been placing her in the corner spot in the bedroom...a comfy orthopedic mat but set up so we can gate the entire area. She rests well...and so does this nervous momma. White Dog is now not quite sure what to do with all of her space and I suspect, misses her sleep partner.

Roman is an incredibly social boy who loves both the people and the siblings of his new family so ultimately I am confident that he will claim the space against my side of the bed (once Stormer's who now rests across from me, protectively cushioned) or the unclaimed open crate between Stormer and Nilla. The choice will be his and I am sure he will carefully consider all the possibilities not just for comfort but to make sure he is not infringing on anyone else's claim (he is a very sensitive boy).

In the meantime, I listen for the sounds of sleeping and wakefulness in the night and try to remember who was where at "lights out."

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