June 18, 2018

White Dog said, "I think I saw it 'walking' out of the doggie door."

What she failed to mention was that "IT" was clenched in Opal's teeth. White Dog was responding to Steve's query as he searched from Opal's dinner bowl after supper so that it could be washed and stored until breakfast tomorrow.

Sure enough when he went out to the yard, Opal was trotting around carrying her bowl. Of course she did not "bring it!" when asked. Instead she looked at him, wagged and made it a game of "come and get it!"

Figuring a post dinner workout might benefit them both, Steve went down the ramp and entered the chase. It was rigorous and finally Miss O dropped the bowl and smiled her surrender.

Steve stepped forward to pick it up at just the moment Zsofia decided to make the game a team sport. She swooped in and snatched the bowl from Steve's reaching hand.

And SHE was off! Meanwhile Opal came inside and rested. done with the fun,  next to me.

It was some time later that the back door banged and we heard Steve; Zso came in through the dog door.  Both sat under the swamp cooler breezes, panting.


Random Felines said...

OK - that's hilarious....everything really is a toy

Emma Megan said...

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