October 22, 2018

White Dog hurried me out to the living room as I was still struggling into my clothes. "We finished it! Come see! It is WONDERFUL!" she yipped as the rest of the White Dogs joined in propelling me toward my chair.

I did not even have to get situated before I discovered the reason for her excitement.

When Beth was here and we went to Santa Fe, I found the most delightful and mesmerizing hanging lamp to replace the old functional one (bought out of frustration when Zso as a pup crashed my handmade dragonfly table lamp into pieces). The Santa Fe gallery had one hanging near our friend Richard's custom chairs and I was drawn by the movement of "Icarus."

Made by an Italian company, the lamp required assembly...and of course, it turned out the directions were in Italian. My two best problem solvers applied themselves and this morning Steve and White Dog started my day with a huge smile.

Pearl added a special White Dog touch in modeling the new fixture.
Any slight air movement causes the strips to flutter and brings the lamp to life. "Now hopefully NO pup will decide to try to catch the tail feathers," Steve laughed but stopped mid-chuckle as he realized the thought now uncaged into the room.

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