June 10, 2018

White Dog was feeling a little frustrated. It was full summertime hot and everypup was engaged in little more than flipping sides under the cooling airs of the swamp cooler...EXCEPT it seemed that the White Dog Army, in their desire to be cool yet all close together, had taken all of White Dog's favorite spots and she was left the odd Queen out.

Pearl stretched out across WD's office suite. Bella was next to my desk. Zsofia lay next to Steve's desk chair.

In the living room, Roman blocked the secret entry to White Dog's behind the chairs fortress. Bailey was sprawled on the couch. Opal rested in the best spot in the traffic aisle to the kitchen where the cooler vent perfectly directs a breeze.

In the kitchen, Nilla slept soundly against the kitchen cabinets across from THAT room's vent.

She came in and sat next to me. Her look revealed her feelings.

I reached down and lifted her into my lap. My desk is situated in the ideal cooling spot in the office. I clicked a few buttons on the computer to save my work and to turn on Midsummer Nocturne by Copland. Then I leaned back and wrapped my arms around The Little White Dog of My Heart.

She stayed in my arms for a bit after the short piece ended. She felt less flustered; recalibrated if you will.

Bella shifted positions to fit her sister in. WD asked me to set her down and moved to curl up to share the space. The Dog Days of Summer come early.

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Random Felines said...

another part of having an army....finding all the vents :)