June 9, 2018

White Dog sniffed the air as Steve walked into the house and Zsofia pushed up against her as quickly as she could make her way from the yard to the front door. Steve was carrying a box of our state cookie, the biscochito, to photograph for our upcoming Paws To People Facebook Auction. The anise-spiced sugar cookie is beloved and a dozen had been donated to be auctioned. These were a sampling that Steve needed for visuals.

WD and Zso have grown up with these treats, generally made for the Christmas holidays, but as far as we know most of the White Dog Army have acquired the addiction since joining us...and for Roman, he simply was going on the recommendation of the others.

"These are not for you!" Steve tried explaining. "I need to take photos of them and no one will be interested in bidding on cookies that you all have mauled."

"What about when you have finished with them as props?" White Dog lobbied for her Army. "You are not going to eat ALL of those and they will go stale."

Steve looked around the room to nine pairs of eyes trying to melt his resolve. And of course, as they knew they would, they succeeded.

"Momma will be in charge of them once she approves the photos." he told them. "I am sure if you all behave and have good manners that she will let you all have bites." "Sure, put it on the momma," I mumbled.

The pack shifted and now faced me. Steve escaped into his photo area.

A short time later Steve returned and show me the electronic images. The moment I gave my approval, I was besieged.
P.S. Roman DID like the biscochitos...VERY much!

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Jans Funny Farm said...

Those cookies sure sound good. Glad the crew got to taste test them for you. :)