February 14, 2020

White Dog was the start of all this. This blog. This White Dog Army. This commitment to making the world a better place.

It all began, even though we did not know it all then, fifteen years ago when Steve placed a three pound ball of white silken fluff into my hands. She had flown in from Kansas, of all places, took charge immediately. In hindsight I should have been warned.

Multi-columned pages of name possibilities went out the window. The little fluff looked into my soul and said, "I am Siku Marie and I am here to protect and love you always." And so she was Siku, "Ice" in the Athabaskan language, a spirit dog in our Southwestern Native culture, and my daemon.

Fifteen years means that you have heard over 5300 stories of our lives together, and My Girl has grown from being a pampered cultured well-mannered cosmopolitan (think Natalie Wood) to the Queen who commands an Army skilled in the nuance of a well timed look or "gentle" word (think Maggie Smith).

While we celebrate this grand lady who runs our lives with a feast of duck pate, Malaysian lamb chops, au gratin potatoes, cauliflower and lemon cake to the music of Vangelis, here are some baby pictures to ooow and aaaahh over:
Happy 15th Gotcha Day Anniversary, Siku Marie! With love from your pack, your family, your loyal subjects.


Brian said...

Happy Gotcha Day Siku Marie, you built a most beautiful and loving army!

Random Felines said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! Love and purrs