March 2, 2021

White Dog wasn't exactly thrilled to have company for her vet visit. "No really, she can go in my place," was the response this morning when she thought Opal was going to tag along to have blood drawn for her thyroid test.

And when that plan was scrapped to make room for Bella to go with White Dog, the Little White Dog of My Heart sighed. "I hope she takes up all of Dr. Julia's time and I am forgotten." 

Midmorning Steve came in holding our Little B. "I think Bella has gone blind in her left eye," he said and sure enough the orb was clouded over and unseeing. The muscles were tight and squinty. It seemed like more than the allergies that sometimes make her eyes gunky and puffy. I called our vet and got Cindy, Dr. Julia's Number 1. "Can Dr. Julia piggy back looking at Bella's eye on White Dog's appointment. We will bring Opal in for blood later in the week."

Both girls shook in the exam room as they waited for our gentle healer. Neither bought into my earlier argument that it was best to know what the problems were so then we could fix them.

White Dog has lost two pounds since she was in on February 2. Rosie took her to the back to do an ultrasound on the pancreas and draw blood. 

Meanwhile Dr. Julia came in, stained, and then scoped Bella's eye. My Tiny Dancer has ocular edema. the cornea does not appear damaged and Dr. Julia thinks sight will be recovered as the pressure and fluid decrease. So Bells received a shot of convenia and was sent home with a steroid and eye drops. Dr. Julia wants to see her again Thursday.

The Little White Dog of My Heart was more of a mystery. Her ultrasound was clear with no cyst buildup. Bloodwork was also good; liver numbers were slightly elevated. An xray showed nothing abnormal. Our healer (on the phone with me in the exam room) flatly ruled out the c monster and pancreatitis but agreed White Dog could not lose weight and stay healthy. She prescribed an appetite stimulant (mirtazapine) and doubled her milk thistle. "Let her eat whatever she will. She is not dehydrated which is good." then looking at White Dog, "You must eat more or you will get sick." She continued, "Let's for the next couple of days take her off of everything except the stimulant and her gallaprant. Call me Thursday morning and let me know how she is doing. There is no disease manifesting itself which is good but we must figure out how to get her eating. If the stimulant does not increase her appetite we will consider it might be a pain management issue and take a different course."

We are very fortunate to have the vet that we do, by the time she had completed both girls to a point that she felt comfortable stepping back and seeing what unfolds over the next few days, it was almost an hour past the clinic's closing time. The entire team was there without hint or fuss about going home until Dr. Julia was satisfied. Now it is up to the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals to work their magic. 

There were two bright notes once all were back home. White Dog ate Tuscan chicken, eggs and then orange cranberry cake for dinner. AND Zso gets a stay of her scheduled dental due to these emergencies; she is not too unhappy.

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