March 3, 2021

White Dog made her momma hopeful today. AND the appetite stimulant is having an effect. Eggs scrambled with bacon for breakfast; ground chicken in broth with corn tortilla chips for lunch; and white fish with mashed potatoes and creme brulee for dinner. Not huge amounts of any but she ate everything at breakfast and about 1/3 of a cup for the other meals...of course that excluded dessert. She ate most of Steve's ramekin of creme brulee and then a few bites of vanilla ice cream that the others were sharing. No one complained because all know how important it is for her to eat.

 And Bella, was a stoically brave little Warrior. She sat motionless as we dripped drops into the bad eye in the morning and after dinner. She goes back to see Dr. Julia tomorrow, Thursday, but so far it seems too soon to note any big improvement. Our healer, I think, will take another measure with the optical device that measures pressure on the cornea and I am sure will want to see her after the weekend. 

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