March 4, 2021

White Dog said, "Well at least I did not have to appear for a repeat visit." Bella had just returned from seeing Dr. Julia who wanted to check her eye as we headed into the weekend. 

We knew the course prescribed had barely begun its work but by adding an additional topical antibiotic drop, our good doctor hopes that Bella will show noticeable improvement when she is seen next Monday.

Thankfully, our Tiny Dancer snuggles into my arms and accepts Steve's finger pulling down her cheek; she does not even flinch. Tonight with needing extra drops (which cannot be given at the same time), Bella snuggled in and let lose with a protest that sounded like the coo of a dove. I kissed her head. "It will be over in a second, Sweet One, and soon you will be seeing and feeling better."

White Dog only managed a few bites for breakfast and hardly any lunch. She DID enjoy the parmesan chicken and butter sauced green beans for dinner...finished off with vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter. Trying to see every bite swallowed as a victory. 

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