April 20, 2021

White Dog was thrilled, as we all were, by Bella's latest followup on her eye. But it was White Dog who declared, "Woohoo! Extra jerky to celebrate!" Suddenly, Bella was not just improving but a hero.

Dr. Julia sees enough improvement that she has given Bella FOUR weeks instead of two until she needs to return. However, our healer is not sure when or if the edema will totally dissapate or if eyesight will go completely back to normal. So we will continue the three drops each day that have so far reduced the swelling to the point she can once again fully open her eye. Every member of the White Dog Army will continue to gently steer their sister when needed away from obstacles she may not see.  Roman will push himself to process instead of react when she does not see him (and assume responsibility of moving himself out of her path). 

And we ALL toasted our Bella Bee with duck jerky, "To continued healing...and time and love!"

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meowmeowmans said...

Woohoo! That's awesome news! Big purrs (and extra jerky) for everyone! XO