April 21, 2021

White Dog moved to shield Bella. "Oh, please," I said. "Do you REALLY think Bella needs protecting from me? She is a sweet little old lady with dementia who often acts like a puppy. I get it."

I held Bella in my arms. "You chewed through the cable connecting my computer speakers and now I have no sound," I calmly cooed. "It is an inconvenience but I can get a new cable. What worries me is you chewing through OTHER wires that might carry a jolt and harm you. Dad has already secured the cables and wires in the office but I guess we will need to do the same for my computer and the cart it lives on. I do not want you getting hurt."

I kissed Bella's head and placed her back on the bed then looked at White Dog. "It was very sweet of you to stand up for your sister but really...from ME?...I hope you were just being overly dramatic."

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