May 12, 2021

White Dog has raised an Army and trained us all to dig in and get down to business when there is a challenge at hand. She once read that the Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart and that magic happens when you don't give up. That is her motto as she faces the challenge of finding her way back from a stroke.

And this is the face of our stubborn heart.

White Dog is moving around more tonight, not walking but pushing with limbs and moving her head. Those are hopeful signs, especially when coupled with eating small amounts and drinking water. She is even cognizant enough to ask to go outside. 

Tomorrow we will consult with Dr. Julia (their office is closed on Wednesdays since the Pandemic started) and chart a course to recovery. "Don't ask her IF we can do it," White Dog demands, "ask her what we WILL do to make wellness happen."

Thank you all for your support, love, prayers, and strength. We are grateful beyond words for the hands and paws that lift us up.


Brian said...

Mega prayers from all of us, always.

Random Felines said...

Purrs and love

NanĂ¼k said...

We are with you little friend. All our love mates,

Nuk & family

Anonymous said...

Still praying and won't stop...Good job, White Dog:-) Keep fighting! We are all
here for you and yours!

Take care,
Lucy (Troy, 0hio)