May 4, 2021

White Dog had a followup appointment with Dr. Julia to chart the progress of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and to recheck her vaginitis infection. "Things are all cleared up," our healer told a huffing and unsettled White Dog who resented the intrusion. "You can discontinue the antibiotic." Careful feeling along WD's legs, hips and spine made White Dog kick out impatiently. "Good," Dr. Julia said, "I am feeling some excellent muscle mass developing. There is resistence and strength. Keep up the good work," 

White Dog looked pointedly at the exam room door. "Yep." the vet said, "You can go." and to Steve, "When was the last time you came and there was no charge?"

Steve laughed, "Not today. I am refilling your prescriptions for a couple of the others." 

When they returned home we were, of course, all thrilled at White Dog's health report and the prospect of her mobility improving even more. Then Roman managed to upstage the Little White Dog of My Heart. 

In his hurry to greet WD and Steve at the door he took a shortcut. Instead of going AROUND the coffee table, he nimbly leaped OVER the stretched out Bailey and then immediately OVER Zsofia. Despite have only three useful legs, our boy can amaze with his agility. But his leaps were not what caught attention.

There was a time when such a move would not even had been considered...getting that close would have meant a vulnerability that none of the three would have been comfortable with.  Today, Roman took the most direct path without fear...and his sisters barely even lifted their heads at the air show.


Brian said...

That is really, really good news and we're so happy!

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like a great day all the way around! Hooray!